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Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Today the majority of the real estate agents use social media to amplify the word of mouth method. Social media help them to identify potential customers as well as make it easier to maintain a constant communication with a client, give consultations and do research.

Social Media for Real Estate Agents

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According to the recent statistics, about 89% of realtors use social media to some extent.

Social media has become not only a hobby or additional means of advertising, but the main source of clients. A lot of the real estate companies consume a large part of their budget to advertise their services and attract customers in different types of social media. This investment becomes fully compensated. Being a part of social networks allows the real estate agents to have a direct access to their customers and the possibility to immediately react and give real-time advice.

Social media has definitely become the wave of the future for real estate advertising... I use Facebook to promote my listings, to market open houses and to notify other agents and the public about price drops and additional incentives. In this economy, I think many agents have embraced the social media world to promote their brand and their listings because it is free, easy and efficient, notes Melissa Savenko, a RE/MAX Commonwealth realtor in Richmond.

The studies show that home buyers who use Internet need only two weeks to find a home of their choice. On the contrary, traditional buyers take about two months to make a decision. Online buyers are clearer about what they want and what kind of property they are looking for, making it easier to complete a deal.

Social engagement

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Clearly, the real estate agents should spend more time thinking about their web presence. The rules of successful marketing are changing so fast, that it becomes crucial to stay updated and follow the trends. Thanks to social networks, nowadays realtors are able to achieve better rates in:

  • Social engagement
  • Brand building
  • Getting “out there”
  • Lead generation
  • Referral traffic

It is important to remember that in order to get started online marketing company you should choose the right approach and the type of social networks.

First, goes the…

  • objective (ask yourself the questions: Why are you doing this? What audience do you want to engage?) With a right goal you will be able to focus on the target audience and avoid wasting of time. For example, if you want to build strong relationships with the local potential clients and increase the bottom line, your objective needs to be relevant and recognizable in your market niche.

Brand building

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Then start to build…

  • your strategy and tactics. Plant seeds with potential customers; try to reach your target audience with regularity. You should provide interesting, relevant information, share insights on the homes, photos, and opinions, give people useful tips, etc. Try to share the information that people may not receive from any other real estate agent.

96% of Generation Y uses different social networks. Real estate agents should remember that this group will be their target audience in a few years.

Wise Time Management

How often in your everyday life are you down timing while standing in the queues or getting stuck in a long traffic jam? Probably, it happens to you every day, especially, if you are living a big city. Lines for your morning coffee or grocery store, waiting for a friend to arrive or to pick up your kids from school – these things always take a considerable amount of your precious time. But, if you follow our advice, you can make advantage of this down timing. And social networks will help you with it.

Time management

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Your social media activity can bring you maximum results with minimum time spending, only if you do it on a regular basis. If you could dedicate 100% of your attention during at least 15 minutes a day you will be able to build and strengthen relationships with your potential clients and prospect in your business. Think about all the time you have during the day when you are waiting for something and you will understand how many useful things for your business you can do in social networks with that short amount of time:

During one minute of standing in a grocery store line you can:

  • accept new friends’ requests
  • send out 3 friend requests that will help you to expand your contact book
  • respond to people engaged with your comments/updates and build strong relationships with them

Five minutes of waiting for you children in school or in a hobby group can be used to post an update, “likes,” “shares” and “re-tweets,” to at least 5 people. This will help you to keep your marketing strategy alive and attract more customers.

Facebook Marketing – the Most Popular and Successful Tool to Reach Clients

Facebook is the place where people go to connect with their friends and families. Expanding the list of contacts through Facebook will be a benefit to your business.

Facebook Marketing

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All listed below tips will help you to increase search results and make your company’s brand recognizable:

  • Don’t use your personal Facebook account for your real estate business. It is unprofessional, and you will miss out a lot of important business features. It is better to create a Facebook business page.
  • Post and constantly update images. They are the most engaging type of content. Pictures are more probable to be “Liked” and “Shared.” Even if the person simply liked the landscape view on your photo and not interested in buying a house, these marks will be viewed in News Feeds by the friends of your Facebook Fans. Remember that everybody on Facebook is a potential client. It is important that you pay close attention to the image you are creating with your posts and images.
  • Make posts about your neighborhood area. This will show your knowledge of the place where you are selling houses.
  • Post the information about the local events in your town, especially the cultural ones, this will attract the potential customers and create the positive impression of the area.
  • Highlight the “property” or “real estate” in the news feeds.
  • It is effective to use geo-target advertising. If you use promoted posts, your Facebook posts will be seen to other Facebook users in your geographic target market.
  • Be accessible: post a map to your office location and all the contact information.
  • Create the “events” dedicated to the open houses by sending invitations to people that may be interested.
  • To increase engagement you can share some events and posts from your business page on your personal Facebook account.
  • Follow the 70/30 Rule. The studies have shown that people on Facebook are more likely to focus on what you’re saying than listening to others. You should try to spend 70% of time reaching others through comments, “thumbs up” and direct messages, and 30% of your time posting your updates.
  • Consider using Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn Helps to Boost Your Real Estate Business

LinkedIn is the most popular business network which gives you the opportunity to connect with people looking to buy or sell a property and search for new leads. A lot of real estate agents are already in this net, but not all of them are using a full set of features of this platform.


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To become successful in this network, you should perform the following steps:

  • Make your profile complete and relevant; add all your skills and training you received throughout your career.
  • Your profile should include a professional high-resolution photo and “Real Estate Agent” in the title.
  • Set a geographical location.
  • Indicate a link to your website or blog. If you download the Word Press application, you will be able to automatically publish your latest post to your LinkedIn profile – this will save your time.
  • Optimize your profile with keywords specific for your location like “Real Estate,” “San Francisco,” “Buy and Sell,” “Short Sales,”etc. These keywords will allow people to find you quickly when they search for real estate professionals in the area.
  • You can also customize your profile URL with your name. This will make it easier to find your profile.
  • The LinkedIn Groups can provide you with the automatic email distribution of new posts. It is also the way for you to promote events, news and other information about your agency to all the members of the group.

Follow the link to see the examples of how the most successful realtors’ profiles look like on LinkedIn.

Blog Advice for Real Estate Agents

Blog is an excellent tool for the real estate marketing. It increases your popularity, but most importantly helps to build a valuable reputation. Promoting a blog, you should show yourself as an expert on the real estate issues.

Blog Advice for Real Estate Agents

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Here are some ideas to apply in your blog:

  • Tell stories about your neighborhood, its architecture, public services, etc.
  • Comment on local news and events.
  • Include stories about places where to eat or go out in the area.
  • Provide information about transportation and parking.
  • Answer questions sent to you through email by the people interested in the real estate issues.
  • Share the ideas on home maintenance and decoration trends, like energy saving tips, gardening and landscape design tips, etc.
  • Give advice on buying and selling the houses.
  • Provide home listings in the area where you work.
  • Give useful loans and mortgage information.

The Power of Twitter for Real Estate Agents

The Power of Twitter for Real Estate Agents

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Twitter offers the real estate agents an opportunity to engage locally, nationally, and internationally with customers and leads. It is a great way to promote properties to a broader audience and get links and traffic to your website.

  • You can tweet about your real estate news as well as announce about open houses.
  • Be aware of what people in your community or area are talking about. This will help you to comfortably engage in any tweet conversation.
  • To be popular your tweets should be interesting, relevant and unique. They should distinguish you from other real estate agents in this network.
  • Include the right hashtags to your tweet (for example, “San-Francisco Real Estate”): this will attract attention of more readers. Hashtags help to categorize similar tweets and organize the search results.
  • Stay professional. All the tweets are addressed to your potential clients and build up your reputation.

Pinterest Enables Pictures Do the Sales for You

Pinterest Enables Pictures Do the Sales for You

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If you are looking for new ways to promote your business, a new Pinterest platform is exactly what you need. In Pinterest you create boards – the theme-based image collections. There are a lot of real estate agents (for example, Concaran Group) that have already realized the potential of this network as the marketing tool. Pinterest makes it easy for people to search for homes, room styles, architecture ideas, town images, etc. In our article we come up with some simple tips to implement with Pinterest that could be beneficial for your real estate business.

  • Post high-quality images to create your boards.
  • Link the images to your website/blog
  • Show the homes for sale in details; allow the pictures to upsell.
  • You can also download video, for instance, the educational real estate videos or other useful materials.
  • Make the descriptions short and engaging so that people would want to leave the comments.
  • Apply the hashtags to categorize your pins.

Along with the above-mentioned social networks there are some other ways for the real estate agents to promote themselves: YouTube, Google+, podcasts, webinars, etc. Real estate agents also frequently use, and websites to upload the latest listings and pictures of properties. Each of these sites offers the opportunity to create the own profile with additional information and links.

Nowadays there are so many social media tools facilitating the work of the real estate agent that it seems that if there was a profession made for social media marketing, it would be the real estate profession. Thus, for a real estate professional, creating a strong social media presence is crucial part of the marketing strategy. Creating visibility and credibility, social media help real estate agents to highlight their expertise and knowledge that makes them unique.

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You forget Google +

Dec 18, 2013 by Alice

This is a great summary of main social networks. It is true, that realtors should build more strong online presence and establish trust and authority in their niche. Personally, I think Google+ is more effective because of the posts ranking in the search results. Concerning the twitter, you can also use twitter chats, they’re a good way to connect with others and increase your engagement and visibility

Realty Web Spot , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 This is a great summary of main social networks. It is true, that realtors should build more strong online presence and establish trust and authority in their niche. Personally, I

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