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Co-working Opportunities For The Real Estate Business


No matter the state of the economy, the world of commercial real estate is always performing in one way or the other. Here is a list of 10 co-working opportunities for the real estate business that you need to check out.

1. Officio


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Officio is a co-working space and a boutique shared office situated in the heart of the vibrant and remarkable Back Bay neighborhood in Boston. During the day, Officio hosts a diverse group of entrepreneurs and freelancers as a co-working space, and by night, Officio transforms into a multi-functional event space. Officio is footsteps away from Arlington T Station and the Boston Public Garden. Monthly memberships start at $ 99; however you can also find space by the day or week.

2. Link Co-working

Link Co-working

Link Co-working

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Location: Austin

Price: Monthly memberships start at 200 dollars, plus a onetime 200 dollars membership fee.

Taking into account that Austin averages 300 sunny days per year, it’s true that this co-working space gives people who work there free run of its outdoor space.

3. CoCo


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Location: Minneapolis

Price: Memberships start at 50 dollars per month.

CoCo is a dramatic one of a kind workspace. It is a 16,000 square foot, sunny space that makes use of the architecturally fascinating and renowned trading floor one time used by the Minneapolis-Grain-Exchange. Now instead of entrepreneurs waving arms and yelling bids around, this co-working space is serene. Jeans or khaki clad traders work noiselessly at their laptops as Pandora plays quietly in the background. There is a gatekeeper who makes sure pastries and coffee are well stocked and will buy you lunch as well as introduce new members to others.

4. Hera Hub

Hera Hub

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Location: San Diego

Price: Memberships start at 69 dollars for 8 hours a month and go up to 369 dollars for 80 hours a month.

This spa like co-working space is different because it is just for women and it includes feminine touches like soft lighting, candles, fountains, relaxing music, chair massages every Tuesday afternoon and inspirational quotes on the walls. The women only angle seems to be receiving some traction; in only 4 months, Hera Hub had more than 100 female owned businesses working from the space.

5. Gangplank


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Location: Chandler, AZ

Price: Free, however you must to work for it.

Gangplank permits people to use its co-working conference and space free of charge. Instead of paying to work at this co-working space, users help out with projects usually handed down from the city government. Permanent members who use a permanent desk often do more, such as cleaning up after events, organizing the work space, and writing blog posts. This is not a bad deal if you are really in need of money. Tucson and Phoenix will soon be getting Gangplanks of their own.

6. 654 Croswell

654 Croswell

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Location: East Grand Rapids, MI

Price: Rent Space by day ($10), week ($50), or month ($150).

This co-working space is more cottage than office. People who work there love it because it has a complete fireplace. 654 Croswell also features frequently visiting artist events or sponsors artist receptions, and a rotating gallery of work by local artists. 654 Croswell is situated in the center of Gaslight Village in East-Grand-rapids, an attractive neighborhood that is home to several small businesses including shops, bars, restaurants, and a trendy ice cream parlor.

7. WorkBar


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Location: Boston

Price: There are several different plans, but the basic rate for full time space is 250 dollars per month.

This co-working space is strategically positioned next a major Boston transportation hub. It combines a raw start up vibe with the professionalism of a managed collaborative workplace that creates an environment that members say is refreshing. With several different kinds of people and abilities represented, there is a natural system where sharing resources and knowledge is encouraged and a natural friendship sparks, leading not just to business trade, but also to camaraderie that span beyond office.

8. The Coop

The Coop

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Location: Chicago

Price: Ranges from 20 dollars a day to 300 dollars a month, with flexible alternatives in between.

This co-working space is like a hip-and-airy downtown Chicago loft, and it is situated in the same block as the train and is also in a neighborhood full of stores and restaurants. This space has a Chief of Happiness who makes sure that everyone has snacks and beverages and every Friday members unwind with Happy Hour. This co-working space also hosts a bi-monthly Lunch and Learn session led by one of the Coop member and during warmer periods they hold this session on the building’s 8th floor rooftop. The Coop is a wonderful place to mingle and get work done.

9. Blueline


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Location: Bloomington, IN

Price: Memberships are available at $20 a day, $100 per week, or $300 a month.

This co-working space is a media house and a creative design that specializes in photography, video production and web design. But the owner, Chelsea Sanders does not want to work alone; she has opened her co-working space to others, including copywriters, artists and programmers. Blueline has interesting people, a great lighting, excellent music, and a unique boutique style. Prominent members include fashion writer Jessica Quirk and clothing company Dope Couture. This co-working space also hosts monthly art shows to support local artists and holds movie nights for members.

10. Coffee and Power


Coffee and Power

Coffee and Power

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Locations: Santa Monica and San Francisco

Price: Free of charge, however you must work for it.

Coffee and Power is a cow-working space that is used for free, the only requirement is that you have to be an active member in its online exchanges for services. Besides providing a physical place for people to work, this co-working space also posts missions that traders can help each other with. The investor roaster at this location is notable, as it includes LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.


When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, you’ll probably come across with the idea of office sharing. Office sharing allows businesses of any size to share or rent a workstation with flexible working hours and working spaces. For the start up businesses, this is a flexible option that enables beginning entrepreneurs to work outside their homes in a professional surrounding with like minded individuals.


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I like the idea. A bigger workspace – a bigger relationship. There’s a vast amount of opportunities and achievements of what companies can do when they collaborate is practiced. However, I know that many people find these areas to be noisy and too crowded for their business, which is why some prefer to move into private offices

Realty Web Spot , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 I like the idea. A bigger workspace – a bigger relationship. There’s a vast amount of opportunities and achievements of what companies can do when they collaborate is practiced.

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