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Become Proactive with New Real Estate Apps

Today, real estate agents are taking advantage of high-end on-line tools for developing their businesses and facilitating their work. New technologies and mobile applications are becoming a necessity.

Become Proactive with New Apps

The current generation is utilizing mobile devices to stay keep pace with their dynamic and mobile lifestyle. Just ask yourself how much time you spend using your smart phone every day and how important it is within in your daily routine.

If one wants to achieve success in the real estate business, it is imperative that they should be technologically proactive by using the latest smart phone apps. New real estate apps can open the door to new business and catapult agents to the next level. Use your smart phone to the max by incorporating some of these amazing apps!

1) Trulia

Trulia is the most popular app both for individual home-buyers and real estate agents. For the agents it provides instant contact with the clients. By using f this app, real estate agents can find new leads and contact them directly. The agents can manage their business no matter where they are. In addition, Trulia provides the latest real estate news and other related information.

This free app contains a handy map with neighboring convenient amenities like: restaurants, cafes, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.

Become Proactive 5

Moreover you will be able to watch your competitors’ performance and keep steps ahead. You can find their offers and give better solutions to your clients. This app provides the opportunity to create a non-competitive bid which will be in ahead of others.

Through Trulia I’ve met lots of great clients and closed many deals. Their products have been great for building my business in a tough real estate market.
Jay Jones, Max Broock Realtors

Takeaway: Great offers – Best clients – Incredible success

2) Magic Plan

Magic Plan allows you to create your own home blue print. Without the added cost of a professional you can design your dream home through your smart phone. Just imagine how great it is to have the house you envision. You are able to build floor plan with the doors, opened windows and then save it in JPEG, PDF, etc. You can also share your home plan with your friends through social networks.


Thanks to this app you are able to change the construction layout or some additional elements for a better view of how your home can look. You can put emphasis on home location and improve the existing home layout.

Unbelievable! The ease and accuracy is amazing. It’s like indoor GPS! This definitely is one of the most astonishing iOS apps ever.”
Jim Washok

3) iMovie

iMovie is one of the most innovative apps and can be used within the real estate business. Here you can make video of home or add existing video and create a mini-movie. Moreover you are able to apply words and music. The result will impress your clients.

Like most Apple products, iMovie is very easy to use. You can edit “movies” you take on an iPhone or iPad. You can add music. You can zap what you don’t want. Oh, and it’s included on any Apple computer that you buy, from the biggest iMac to the smallest MacBook Air. And it passes the Pat Test. Even I can use it.
Washington, DC
Real Estate Agent

4) ProCamera

The latest update of ProCamera makes it an absolutely new app. With ProCamera you have a chance to take amazing photos and share them through all social networks. You are able to use a set of different effects and filters to improve your photo.

A new tool “AntiShake” stabilizes your shots to get the sharpest photos regardless of light conditions. “AntiShake” gives more control over your iPhone camera. Check out video below to assess all advantages of the latest update.

In addition, ProCamera gives opportunity to create video with a lot of effects directly through the app. This way you can prepare a presentation of your projects and then show it to your clients.

My father gave me this app after my son was born. It’s great for capturing night shots and all his little funny faces, and the editing features are great! They let me lighten or darken or do all kinds of great things! Nonetheless, it’s got great editing capabilities and very easy to use. I’m far from knowing what I’m doing, but my pictures are coming out great (at least I think so)!!!
Buddy Valens

5) Contacts Journal

Contacts Journal provides you with a great tool – Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Thanks to this system you will have an opportunity to stay in touch with your clients list. It lets you add important information about previous conversations or deals with home buyers to conduct your business. You also can add upcoming meetings or files related to someone from your list, having full information on your client’s profiles.

Become Proactive with New Apps 2

Contacts Journal gives an exclusive chance to be a proactive real estate agent who doesn’t forget important meetings and documents about his/her clients. Your clients will feel your instant support and meaningful dedication.

Review: I absolutely LOVE this app! I have been searching for what seems like FOREVER to find an app that does what this one does. It is perfect for keeping track of what has taken place with each of my clients. It also allows me to keep pertinent information all together in one place. Now, as long as I have my iPad with me, I know I have all the information I need to contact my clients when I’m on the go.


6) WeatherBug

WeatherBug is an important part in the planning of your day. You can decide what to wear and how to build your daily schedule. WeatherBug provides you with real-time weather information and easy-to-use navigation system. Your smart phone will connect to the Internet and give you updated news about future day’s conditions. WeatherBug also provides you with photos and real-time cameras from different places.

This weather app is fantastic: very accurate temperatures, extremely detailed hourly forecasts, etc. There are, however, a few small problems that I would like to have addressed. Although they just released an update including a beautiful new interface, the radar is still low-definition. If this were updated, the app would be nearly perfect for me.
Lesly Kohn


Become Procative with Apps 4


7) Maps With Me Pro, Offline Map

Maps With Me Pro shows you the place where you want to go, according to your current location or from selected location. It works without access to the Internet. So in case of emergency, or lack of internet service or connection, you can use this app very easy and fast. Before an important meeting, you can add the necessary location to the bookmarks list and use it again and again if needed.

become proactive3
Moreover, with Maps With Me Pro you are able to share your location and let your friends or clients know about your location via sms or e-mail.

Pair this app with an external GPS unit when cell coverage is not available, and this app is beyond words. I use the Bad Elf GPS which is also phenomenal and together, you have mapping anywhere on the planet. I do use this when flying as well, so I have suggested that the developers look into adding Flight plan tracking. This would enable you to enter a flight # which would then present your flight track. I have tried many offline maps, but this app seems to redraw maps with ease without any redrawing delays.“

Don’t postpone! Download thes necessary apps today and make your day more productive.

These apps will help develop your business and make your work easier and more fruitful. All applications have free versions which you can use at any time. But remember: “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”



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