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Exotic Countries that Are Hot for the Real Estate Investment

Exotic Real Estate Destinations

Whether off the coast of Costa Rica or Morocco, there are a number of exotic and unique investment properties today that people are swarming to purchase. Even when the markets seem a bit unsteady, clever investors jump right in and purchase this prime real estate. For exotic real estate, whether a vacation homes or foreign investment, the most remarkable thing about these properties is the distinct accrual that will make them even more valuable later on.

The arcane way to a successful purchase of exotic real estate lies in discovering the right property in the right location and snapping it up at the lowest possible price. Whether your dream investment property abroad is a town house, luxury villa, holiday apartment, or plot of land, there seems to be a boom in the exotic real estate market.

International Property Investment Network (Or) IPIN

International Property Investment NetworkThe image is the courtesy of ipinglobal.com

The IPIN, International Property Investment Network assists property investors of all kinds in their journey to find the absolute best investment opportunities presently available in both developed and emerging-markets around the world. All discriminating exotic property investors understand the significance of taking an advantage of the most profitable real estate opportunities as soon as they are available and before they become common knowledge. IPIN helps real estate investors remain a step-ahead of those searching for exclusive properties by using a team of expert, careful research, and by selecting the best real estate on the market today.

List Of Some Of The Hottest Exotic Real Estate Locations:

  • India
  • Panama City, Panama
  • Puglia, Italy
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Croatia
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Belize
  • Baja, Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • China
  • Dubai
  • Latvia
  • Portugal
  • Caribbean
  • Bulgaria
  • Morocco
  • Caribbean

Due to the worldwide success of Donald Trump’s TV show, The Apprentice, Vincent H.S. Lo, a top Chinese real estate mogul, will have his own version called “The Winner.” Typically, an inconspicuous sector, the Chinese real estate market is obviously towering together with its economic explosion, but now this is becoming open knowledge. Furthermore, according to an article in a prestigious real estate magazine, property in Shanghai may be even more expensive than New York City, where you will find some of the most expensive real estate in the world!

GoaThe image is the courtesy of india-hotel.net

The economic rise in India is also creating a vast amount of opportunities in the real estate world; however, many are being grabbed by real estate bigwigs DFL. With the middle-class gradually comprising a huge part of India’s population, more homes, hotels, and commercial property will need to be constructed. Even then, there is an abundance and affordable land down the coastline of India, especially in the Goa district, that draws many vacationers and retirees. Opportunities are thriving in India, and though some dread that government limitations may make it problematical to make a profit, there has been some reassurance that circumstances are not dire and that tensions will ease in the future.

Getting Over The International Hump

An important step in acquiring real estate in exotic countries is to hire a real estate broker. In Brazil, there is a dilemma with fraudsters posing as real estate brokers; however, actual real estate brokers must carry an ID card and prove their authenticity to the interested parties. A CRECI number, which identifies an individual as a professional, is also obligated by law to be exhibited in all advertisements.

Another crucial factor is a country’s building principles. In Egypt, building standards are somewhat less than what some may be used to, which is enough reason to induce concern. Nonetheless, the real catch is that the country sits on several fault-lines and has been through numerous aftershocks. Still developers in Egypt have been able to continue with careless construction practices, shunning earthquake proof building techniques in relation to foundations, cross-basing, base collection, and more. Therefore, as a real estate investor, you should know if a property is safe and robust, especially if you plan to hock it to the next person down the road. In these circumstances, it’s best to hire a structural engineer so that they can keep your best interests at hand.

Knowing What, Where, How, And When

Prior to investing in an exotic property, or any property, you should consider the various factors that will decide what, where, how, and when you should invest. There are many questions to answer before searching for and purchasing foreign properties.

  • What are your estimated returns?
  • What is your diversification tactics?
  • What will be the amount of your down payment?
  • Is financing available in the country?
  • What is the amount of money you have now, and will have in the future? This could disrupt investing opportunities in countries with high-costs and taxes like Greece.
  • What amount of time do you want to spend in another country in order to manage your property?

Though high returns are tempting, the best place for your investment is wherever your current life situation, meaning health, finances, family, career, fits comfortably into. Think about your personal interests and desires, and how a possible region would suit your lifestyle.

In addition, with so many top international destinations, you will need to be familiar with the proper laws, regulations, and the way the country operates, the same as you would in your home country. Often times, you will have to contend with that country’s currency. Moreover, you may have to travel across international borders to locate a particular bank that handles multiple currencies and is knowledgeable in multiple languages. Hiring a lawyer is one of the best moves you can make to ensure that your purchase has been carried out legally and that you will be the rightful owner. In other words, you should have the official deed in your hand with your name on it.

Exotic Countries Perfect For Real Estate Investment


BrazilThe image is the courtesy of theatlantic.com

With a growing economy and prime developments in the tourism sector, Brazil completely gratifies property investors. Because of a fantastic boost in the economy over the past few years, Brazil is currently viewed as a feasible property investment option. International property investors attention is presently focused on the advantages of purchase in Brazil while the international press is consistently advertising the country as an encouraging market for investments overall.

Economic Factors

  • Property price returns of 20% per year in some regions.
  • Great currency-exchange rates, making it cheap for foreign investors.
  • Decrease of inflation to a very low 5.7%. Very tempting for foreign investment, it is possible to own 100% of land and property.
  • Cost of living is just 20% of that in Europe/UK, and property maintenance expenses are very low.
  • Increase in flourishing manufacturing industries that relocated to Brazil and improved the economy.
  • Anticipated to be self-sufficient in oil reserves within the next year.
  • Brazil is thought to be amongst the leaders of the future together with China, India, and Russia.


Existing evidence reveals that investment property in Brazil is currently a highly-beneficial market to invest in. As the economic climate and tourist infrastructure is improving rapidly, investors are advised to catch the market in the beginning while prices are still remarkably low, and incredible returns on investment are foreseeable.

Dominican Republic

Dominican RepublicThe image is the courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

The Dominican Republic has frequently been called the best value real estate destination in the Caribbean. It also offers buyers an affluent and unrivaled assortment of natural beauty with sandy white beaches, crystalline waters, all at highly-affordable prices. Strong economic-growth, GDP growth at 8.5% estimated, year-on-year is a direct positive sign to investors. Tourism is targeted to grow at 3.4% until 2017.

Economic Factors

  • Property-price returns of 20% per year in some regions and predicted to increase.
  • Inexpensive living and favorable exchange rate with USD and Euro
  • Decrease in inflation
  • Massive tourism increase meaning renewed demand for tourist-accommodation.
  • Free trade zones means investment from large-multinationals, further advertising the promise of the country.
  • Shrewd Caribbean investors are benefiting from Dominican Republic’s low-entry prices. Attracting secure rental-deals, together with increased capital growth means keen returns for the future.


Many factors draw investors to the Dominican Republic due to its wonderful scenery, pristine climate, lower cost of real estate, and a serene lifestyle are the key attractions, including capital appreciation, present approximated at 20% p.a. and comfort of international access via budget-airlines and the island’s international airports.


BulgariaThe image is the courtesy of blog.bestbgproperties.com 

Bulgaria is one of the world’s fastest growing investment property location. It offers exceptional investment potential. Presently the thriving capital city of Sofia is currently offering fantastic year-round growth possibilities to property investors in the country. Eye-catching countryside, ski-resorts beaches and amenable climate make for a perfect seasonal holiday destination. Heavy World-Bank funding has made it easy for the provision of important infrastructures, together with recent EU membership, has boosted investor confidence. Bulgaria is currently considered one of the greatest emerging markets for international property-investors with a property boom that is predicted to last.

Economic Factors

  • Early phases of development make the country an ideal place to invest.
  • Huge tourism-growth, with numbers up by 20% a few years ago compare to earlier times.
  • The World Tourism Organization predicts Bulgaria will attract over 20 million tourists by 2020.
  • EU member with dependable government, dedicated to increase economic reform.
  • Large amounts of continuous foreign direct-investment.
  • Fantastic property prices and growth possibilities.
  • Considered one of the fastest growing European countries
  • The Institute of International Finance states the GDP growth of Bulgaria is the highest in Eastern Europe


Bulgaria currently offers some of the best real estate investment opportunities available, with profits on off-plan purchase frequently reaching up to 50% upon conclusion. Nonetheless, capital-growth is expected to decrease eventually. Savvy investors are making the best of it now in the real estate market while opportunities are still fresh for land, buy-to-let and clear investment choices.


MoroccoThe image is the courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

Morocco is presently one of the world’s leading emerging-markets for investment in property abroad. High-end real estate can still be bought at fantastic prices and purchasers benefit from the exotic atmosphere, gorgeous natural beauty and the diversity the country offers. With advancing government policies strategically in place, the tourist economy is on the edge of a boom and buyers of property abroad are acting quickly. Investment-property in Morocco is becoming evermore popular with international property buyers due to its unique investment opportunities with exceptional capital growth prospects in the area of 15% to 30%.

Economic Factors

. Property-prices 50% less than other European locations.
. Low cost of living.
. Exciting property market.
. Between 0% and 20% tax on any capital-gains.
. Zero yearly property tax for five years.
. 70% mortgages available.
. Capital-growth around 15% to 30%.
. Notary managed property-registration similar to the system in Spain and France.
. Intensive Dubai based developers have a number of projects at numerous phases of planning and completion.


Property investment in Morocco is presently a highly-lucrative investment choice in strategically selected locations. It is vital to research the location in which you will purchase your property, your finances and tax options, and hire a good lawyer. New government initiatives are successfully enhancing the infrastructure and tourist economy creating a new emerging market.


PortugalThe image is the courtesy of opentoexport.com 

High construction quality and relatively low-prices are continued attractions for property investors in Portugal. Consistent capital-growth, cheap flights, low cost of living, and strong buy-to-let market continues to lure homebuyers and investors to the country. Portugal is known as a golfer’s-paradise and investment in off-plan property on one of its world renowned golf-courses is a firm favorite among property investors, in addition to a thriving tourist industry with plenty to offer both golf lovers and beach goers, Portugal’s low-prices and tranquil lifestyle make it a perfect location for many people looking for an ideal holiday or retirement destination.

Economic Factors

. Solid capital returns and rental-yields up to 10% per year in some regions.
. Low-cost of living and fantastic value for money in property prices.
. Robust economy, supported by EU funding and increasing foreign investment.
. Low-cost travel is increasing Portugal’s tourist industry and generating an increased request for property in the key location.


Investment property in Portugal grants solid-investment potential and lower prices than many other European destinations. With a securely developed tourist infrastructure, investors are secure in knowing that Portugal offers a stable EU market in which to increase dependable returns on their investment.

TIP: Many exotic destinations are currently emerging with fantastic real estate investment readiness. The choice is always a personal one depending on your needs such as climate, finances, travel, and so on.

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