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Eco-Friendly Real Estate

Green Real EstateMore and more real estate investors are realizing the social and environmental issues that impact the value of real estate property, culminating in a mounting interest in sustainable buildings. Increasingly, real estate companies are providing clients with the assurance that those sustainability factors are taken into consideration. In addition, investors can discerningly invest in eco-friendly real estate with a certified environmental and sustainability approach.

There seems to be a consensus that eco-friendly real estate will perform well in the property market, and that the development of energy and resource building effectiveness has an encouraging impact over their return-risk profile.

This is why realty companies involved with eco-friendly real estate are starting to show the  investors the ecological performance of buildings, identifying the potential of properties for energy savings and waste reduction, and the usage of eco-friendly materials and raw-materials. Moreover, applying sustainable factors prevents technical elimination in current real estate properties.

In the real estate industry, various steps have been implemented to ensure that every home or commercial building does its part to make the planet a safer place today and for generations to come. Hence, the emergency of “green” real estate has played a vital role in making edifices more eco-friendly.

What Is Meant By Eco-Friendly Real Estate?

A number of aspects must be taken into consideration before a property can be called eco-friendly. Many buyers and sellers have become more interested in green living, and this is fairly obvious by the number of eco-friendly properties and homes being built every day. For instance, in Asia, especially in Malaysia, innumerable residences have gone green.

There are many factors that are relevant when it comes to sustainable real estate. For example, insulation is a vital inducement of sustainable buildings and houses. Because heating and cooling add to high-energy consumption and expensive utility costs, correct insulation that complies with green standards will make it eco-friendly. Building with proper insulation is conducive to a safer environment.

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Technology also plays an important part in green properties. The introduction of solar panels that permit natural-sunlight to enter a home or building is a giant leap for real estate as far as eco-friendliness is concerned. There are various benefits as well such as cooler spaces and better sanitation, a more tranquil and calming ambiance, and lower utility bills.

Additionally, green real estate is constructed in a way so that the majority of the living space has eco-friendly value. For instance, the roof of a home is structured in a way so that it never becomes too hot to live under in addition to less need for cooling mechanisms like air conditioners.

Meticulous construction confined to an area is also considered prior to a property being labeled eco-friendly. Living in a home that required hundreds of trees to be cut down is somewhat defeating the whole sustainable real-estate purpose.

Research reveals that to a greater extent, people are becoming conscious of the earth’s environmental problems each day, and would prefer to know all the details before purchasing a property. This is one explanation why eco-friendly real estate is gradually gaining a higher market value compared to properties that have not gone green yet.

Benefits Of Going Green

The main reason why sustainable real estate is coming to the foreground is economics. Green homes and buildings accumulate lower costs down the line. Lower costs mean lower-bills to pay, and less energy consumption makes it easier for people to go more into the green direction. Besides great savings, investors will feel good about helping the environment by investing in these types of properties. With an increasing popularity of green housing and sustainable real estate nowadays, there are more options than ever.

Green Real Estate Investing May Become The New Normal

More real estate investors are starting to take an interest in “social-benefit” since traditional investments in the past several years have left them hanging. One financial analyst noted:

“The atmosphere is certainly improving. Amplified availability of analytics is also assisting investors to align their finances with their passions.”

Whereas some observers deem green construction to be the “new-normal,” Brodsky, a respected professor at the prestigious New York University Schack-Institute of Real-Estate predicts, “American commercial markets are a long ways from constructing buildings totally green, but there has been progress. Nonetheless, there is still plenty of wasted money in construction. There should be better standardization requirements and government leadership which would benefit the industry greatly.”

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Brodsky certainly knows what he’s talking about, he served as the national-manager of Energy Star, a program that resulted in a 24-million metric-ton decrease in greenhouse gas-emissions and a savings of $7.5 billion in energy performance costs.

Tax credits and additional government sponsored redevelopment techniques gives incentive to private investors to place funds into public projects. Roughly 20 states currently encourage public-pension funds to invest in initiatives with a social benefit, especially to support local economies.

Impacts Of Green Real Estate Investing

It is easy to think that eco-friendly real estate is all about profit. Better revenues, reduced rehab expenditures, and additional factors are not difficult to comprehend. Nonetheless, there are additional groups besides investors who benefit directly from eco-friendly green real estate projects.


  • Higher returns via higher cash-flow, less expenses, decreased vacancy expenses.
  • Decrease in capital expenses as rehab-expenses can be financed through a number of energy efficiency rebates, incentives, and grants.
  • Better appraisal values.
  • More secure investment as properties flourish because of greater demand and stability.
  • Investors can take pride in their investment because they are improving the environment, creating jobs, and bettering the lives of buyers while bringing in healthy profits.


  • Healthier community resulting in less public health-care spending.
  • Financial growth through tax revenue, job creation, and so on.
  • Increase in home values. Eco-friendly properties appraise higher and raise the average home prices in their areas.
  • Neighborhood attractiveness may possibly contribute to decreased crime rates.

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  • Decreased monthly utility bills.
  • Healthier living
  • Healthier offspring with potentially decreased incidences of childhood diabetes, asthma, etc.
  • Increased disposable income to put into the economy.


  • New “eco-friendly” jobs are created throughout the country.
  • Unemployment is decreased, as those out of work are retrained and rehired.
  • Green companies can influence green-employment grant subsidies to add to employee numbers.

Green Suppliers

  • Additional suppliers in the marketplace.
  • More demand means more production equaling lower product prices.
  • Fresh, beneficial products are put on the market sooner.
  • Bigger selection of products becomes more readily accessible.

Housing Industry

  • Improved home values all around the country.
  • Homes are more economically affordable to own and manage.
  • Bank owned properties are taken-off the market.
  • Decreased vacancies possibly contributing to less crime.


  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Less energy used.
  • Lessening of landfill waste.
  • Materials can be recycled that were intended for waste stream.

Though eco-friendly real estate is not a cure-all, the positive benefits that come from it are considerable. Green real estate investors should pursue “green” because it makes financial sense. In addition, they should feel pleased about what they are doing based on the benefits to the above mentioned groups.

Added Values In Eco-Friendly Real Estate Investing

There are other areas of value that comes from being an eco-friendly real estate investor. Though it may seem difficult to quantify the value, it can still radically affect a business in a positive way.


Brand is the identity of a business, service, or product. An investor has a brand as well. For real estate investors who are consistently trying to persuade others to accept their offers, negotiate with lenders, deal with planning departments, marketing to buyers/renters, and so on, the idea of a brand is frequently an under used concept. By tuning into the eco-friendly market, a real estate investor enhances their appeal, hence brand.

Competitive Advantage

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Think quickly about the top computer companies in the world. You can easily name three right off the top of your head! Dell, HP, and Acer. Now, think of the top eco-friendly real estate companies in your vicinity. It wasn’t so easy was it? Therein lies the competitive edge.

Eco-friendly real estate investors propose properties that are greatly desired, but have little competition. This competitive-advantage turns into increased sales, higher-sales prices, and unintentionally works to become a real estate investor’s brand, as mentioned above.


Eco-friendly real estate investors benefit from more opportunity. They get agents, additional investors, lenders, and others, that want to work with them due to their eco-friendly association. Opportunities arise that would never pop-up otherwise.

For example, a “green” real estate investor consultant found on Facebook could easily find themselves with opportunities like giving speeches in front of entrepreneur groups interested in this type of investing, or, perhaps current homeowners looking for a change. This can lead to additional revenue and manifest as a result of being in a niche real estate market.

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Therefore, while revenue is important, the above-mentioned areas of value are vital as well. They can be difficult to enumerate, but they can still offer incredible value.

Do Eco-Friendly Investments Really Worth It?

Green real estate investors sell their properties faster for more money. If they own rental-properties, they will rent them faster to more environmentally aware tenants for more money; have fewer turnovers of tenants, and fewer vacancies. The competition will be less than 1% in any-market in the United States.

Is Green More Expensive?

Not if it is done properly. There are many people who do get it wrong, but there are those who get it right as well. In fact, green should cost less. For example, installing solar-panels to save 35% on a utility bill will cost plenty and offer a trivial payback. The 35% reduction can be achieved simply by improving the building encasement.

Why Do People spend more to live in a Green Home?

The truth is that most people won’t spend a dime more to live in an eco-friendly home. However, they will spend more to live in a green-home if the costs are less to operate the home and is healthier for those who will be living in that home. For instance, elderly people on fixed-incomes may jump at the opportunity to live in an eco-friendly home if they knew their monthly-bills would be less and that there are fewer toxins within the home.

Invest in green real estate


Sustainable real estate development does more than earning revenue. Though investors expect gains, there is an increasing amount of those who also want to add to the greater good as a whole, and investing in eco-friendly real estate is a start in that direction. Building green does not actually cost more. It’s just different because the strategy behind constructing a building is different from traditional methods used before. It takes more awareness and concern about how the construction and materials used in that construction will effect others.

With the population expected to increase to seven-billion by 2050 and with the lessening of fossil-fuels, it only makes sense.  Going green. will provide people with a brand new level of the life quality.

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