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If You Possess the Information You Posses the World

If You Possess the Information You Posses the World

If You Possess the Information You Posses the World

A real estate job enquires lots of patience and professional skills. We are not born with all these necessary qualities, and they need to be trained everyday by means of a hard work and rush. Real estate agents have to keep up with current trends, state laws, and by all odds market they work in. Therefore, in any kind of job there are certain things to be done on a daily basis in order to improve your job perspective.

Communication needs to be effective, not empty

Like almost any kind of job, real estate agent needs to find the trustworthy ways of communication with clients. Explaining your costumer the main points, and persuading him the value of a purchase is not an ABC thing. It requires both patience and understanding from your side, as well as the ability of being trusted. If you are facing some troubles with that, then I would recommend you train these skills with your friends or relatives. For example, if you are having an extremely important deal tomorrow, ask somebody to help you on that issue. Don’t be shy, it’s not the case. Write down the exact things you wish to say to your client, and play a little game (friend-client, you-agent). Still feeling a bit embarrassed? Another affective way to train your skills is to stand in front of the mirror and push your speech. Trust me, I felt weird too for the first time, but eventually it helped me to be more self-confident and positive.

Management in everything and everywhere

In today’s business world, management is all over the place, and we cannot give a slip from it. In case you are “relax and take it easy” type than take all your efforts and take your job under control. One of the essential skills for a real estate agent- is time management. In this kind of job, every minute is valuable, and even a second could not be wasted in vain. At the beginning of each day, you need to set up your own schedule. This way you will create your personal goals and put all of your efforts together to achieve them. Sometimes writing down some of your ideas and plans might sound ridiculous and impossible, but once you write them down, the whole world will be there to help and support you. It’s no wonder how many books and CD’s were produced and dedicated to this concrete topic.

Try to manage your day, in a way to conduct your main activities, as showing properties and preparing paperwork in the morning. In this specific time of the day you are still full of fresh ideas and non-wasted energy. Your anthem should be “Balance in everything”. So create a schedule that will be perfect for your work and your personal life.


Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Never stop learning

It is the well-known fact that it’s never too late to learn and study something new. There are many real estate magazines out there that might assist you and broaden your knowledge. My eyes were fasten on these particular books:

  • Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine that covers the commercial market trends and updated news focused on the experts in the commercial sphere.
  • National Real Estate Investor Magazine concentrated on all classes of commercial real estate. It owes the leading position and authority on trends in the commercial real estate market, providing the top executives with deep analysis in this industry.
  • Journal of Real Estate Management offers you a comprehensive coverage of the real estate management industry.

Use them as your day-to-day guide and squeeze out the best of them.

Don’t neglect the various TV shows. I know that nowadays television is stuffed with unnecessary needless information, but fortunately there are still some worthy TV shows to follow. Many of my real estate friends are frequently taking an advantage of such shows as:

  • Bought and sold, which tells how hard it really is to close the deal, but at the end it is worth all of the efforts involved.
  • Weekend Warriors, which helps your clients to choose the right path and fix the things in house, that will help with a further sell.
  • My house is worth What? It is clear that sellers don’t like to hear the truth about what their homes are worth, but with your assistance you might help to change their minds and reveal new information they didn’t know before.

Furthermore, you need to keep updated with the latest prices in the real estate market, in order to know the price range for a three-bedroom or single-family home versus two-bedroom town home and etc. You need to know the sales price and the amount of homes recently sold in an area. All of this knowledge will help you to accumulate the market value for your home and create a quick sale.

Keep in touch with the latest news about the local seminars concerning the real estate business. If you don’t have time to attend them, take an advantage if participating in webinars, which could be of a great value for you.

Smartphone addiction is not a disease

Every day I can hear more and more people yelling that we became smartphone addicted generation. Is it so for real? I call it connected digital generation instead. Being aware of all the latest tendencies in the smartphone area is not a bad but good thing for you. How many free and paid apps are already out there to solve your problems? The answer is too many. These apps assist an agent to become more efficient within his business.

stay positive every single day

stay positive every single day


At the end, I would simply advise to stay positive every single day, I know that your job could be stressful, but don’t forget about the lucrative side of it. Having that attitude is crucial to stay on the float without drowning. Good luck in your business!

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Dec 19, 2013 by Jennifer

Thanks for the article! I used to watch My house is worth What? , but now don’t have time for it. i will take to consideration the books you advice in the article

Realty Web Spot , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Thanks for the article! I used to watch My house is worth What? , but now don’t have time for it. i will take to consideration the books you advice in the article

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