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Bill Gates’ Success As a Real Estate Motivation

As the co-founder and chairman of the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is the driving force behind an organization which has been considered as “The Most Innovative Company Operating in the U.S” (Forbes Magazine, 1993). 

Bill Gates' Success As A Motivation To Realtors

Microsoft  has introduced several revolutionary advancements in the world of computers that made the company the 1st truly leading player among personal computer operating systems. Microsoft has also developed the most extensively used OS in the world, Microsoft Windows.

Gates is widely considered as the brains behind Microsoft, mainly in charge of product strategy ever since the company was founded in 1975 to 2006. While some of his decisions have resulted into antitrust lawsuit over the Microsoft’s business practices, his repute as one of the most admired and esteemed entrepreneurs of the PC revolution remains unbroken. His fame in fact beats the realm of computer business and expands into mainstream society. For instance, in a list compiled by New Statesman magazine in 2006, Bill Gates was voted 8th in the “Heroes of Our Time’ category.

In June 2006, Gates was pronounced to be handing the reins of Microsoft’s every day operations to someone else by July 2008 so as to focus on the charitable work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, even though he will continue serving as Microsoft’s chairman and as special projects’ adviser. Plans are already taking place to transfer Bill Gates’ role as Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect to Ray Ozzie, the former head of honcho of the Groove Company purchased by Microsoft in 2005

It’s well-known that William Henry Gates the Third is among the richest men in the world. Even if Gates is the richest man in the world, he never overlooks where he started from. He has donated several million dollars to various charity groups and scientific research studies.

Recently, Bill was named by Forbes Magazine as the world’s richest person for the 12th straight year, with net worth of $50 billion in 2006. Incidentally, in 1999 he became the first “centibillionaire” in the world when his net worth beat the 100 billion dollar mark briefly.

Bill Gates' Success As A Motivation To Realtors

As the co-founder of Microsoft, he has donated $40 million to Lakeside School in Seattle, a private school which uses the magnate’s money to come up with scholarships for people wishing to study in the institution. Actually, Paul Allen (Microsoft) donated $20 million to Lakeside School as well. In his speech, Bill stressed that this school had never existed without the aid it received from Microsoft, the fund being contributed from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The Main Secrets that Made Bill Gates Rich and Successful

1. He started early

Conceived in 1955, Bill’s first contact with a computer was in 1968, at the young age of 13. At an extremely adolescent age, he got intrigued by computer software and programming, and utilized his school’s workstation to practice since machines were still exceptionally costly to possess. His interest and passion for programming was exceptional.

2. He was passionate and committed

Bill was extremely energetic about computer programming. In this manner, as a student at Lakeside Prep School, he used his days and nights designing and developing machine programs. Accordingly, this took a substantial toll on his academic performance, as classes were missed and homework left undone.

At the Computer Centre Corporation, Bill and his buddies crashed the system severally and even subverted the security system, all in their ardent mission to get new PC aptitudes. At the same time when they hacked into and modified the algorithm that recorded workstation use time, they were expeditiously banned for a couple of weeks!

3. He rapidly turned out to be a Boss himself

Bill Gates began his university education at Harvard in 1973, but was forced to drop out in 1975 to take care of his Business: with his companion Paul Allen, he setup Microsoft Corporation in 1975.

Clearly, he dropped out of Harvard, not for lack of competence or ability for higher instruction, but since his heart was not in his studies. Bill was so dedicated to his DREAM that he declined to be occupied even by the charm of formal education at the prestigious Harvard University!

4. He included incredible VALUE and was incredibly compensated

Bill and three of his partners setup a group called the Lakeside Programmers, and hit a deal with Computer Centre Corporation. The group checked on computer programs to identify bugs and other problematic issues.

“It was when we got free time at the Computer Centre that we really got into computers…”

Next, the Lakeside Programmers were enlisted by Information Science Incorporated to make a payroll program.

And for Traf-O-Data, Bill and his buddy Allen made software that helps compute traffic stream. This earned them about $20,000.

Under Microsoft Corporation, Bill gave the world the PC operating system, WINDOWS. Put conservatively, WINDOWS runs in over 60% of all PCs on planet earth! Bill gave the world extraordinary products and services, and was extraordinarily compensated.

5. He gave back to Humanity

Via his published books, Bill keeps on increasing Knowledge and blessing the World by sharing his Wisdom and Ideas; via his Products and Services, he keeps on adding Value to our lives; and via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he keeps on giving his Money away to bless and inspire Humanity. What an incredible approach to serve God and Man; and what else is the Purpose of Life, after all?

Tips on How to Succeed in Real Estate: Show Yourself and Make it like Bill Gates

Tips on How to Succeed in Real Estate


1. Choose the right real estate strategy

The key to a successful real estate business is coming up with a specific strategy that will supplement the goals expressed in the entrepreneur’s business plan. This approach will as well give the right moves to take based on the type of returns the real estate entrepreneur aims at achieving.

2. Get the aspects of a real estate agent

In order to succeed, individuals engaged in this sort of business might as well get the aspects of a perfect real estate agent. He or she ought to be proficient in discovering the motivated seller, figure out the appeal of properties, and knows how to negotiate with their clients.

3. Grasp a planning attitude

If you do not have an investment plan, then you’re on someone else’s plan. For the past 10 years, as a performance improvement consultant, I have learned that that most individuals concentrate on visiting the grocery store or going for vacation than planning their lives either personally or professionally.

4. Research your market plan

As a real estate agent you need to undertake a research that relates to your marketing plan and within your strategic plan. Time used in coming up with your marketing plan is unquestionably well used.

NOTE: Keep in mind that a business plan is information driven, while a key plan distinguishes who does what and when.

5. Establish sales goals

Using your tactical action plan, establish sales goals. Assuming that you’re new in this industry, it may take 6 months prior to the initial sale. HINT: Use the W.h.y. S.m.a.r.t. criteria to set your goals.

6. Come up with a financial budget

Budgeting is critical, given the challenges of the unstable marketplace. Your budgetary plan should as well plan your marketing expenses, any extra expenses, for example, training and your forecasted revenue.

7. Manage yourself

Building a business is not easy. You must figure out how to oversee yourself particularly when it comes to time management, continuing real estate training, ongoing education units, and individual life balance. Real estate is considered to be a 24/7 business more like any small business.

8. Discover a mentor or a real estate coach

Doing it alone is not simple. Take the time to discover a mentor (for example Bill Gates) who can assist you to maneuver through the obstacles and help you throughout the “peaks and valleys.”

Remember, you can succeed in any business! If you have the assets, you may wish to contract a real estate coach or an executive coach who has practical experience in small business assistance and sales.

Real estate investment basically includes three stages: securing, possession, and sale of property. Regardless of whether you never rent or lease a property, an investment in real estate might be beneficial when you offer for more than you buy.

Generally, real estate ventures are favorable to stock ventures as you are able to leverage these properties. In this way, you have the chance to use different investors to perk up your rate of return while as well accessing much bigger investments. Moreover, once you consider in the possibility to rent or lease these properties, you have the preference of utilizing this money to pay your mortgage; an alternative that isn’t accessible with stock ventures.

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