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Commercial real estate ad

Promote Your Commercial Real Estate by Means of the Successful Ad

Commercial real estate ad

Commercial real estate ad




When you want to sell the commercial real estate property the first thing that comes into your mind is definitely ad (at least is must be so). How else would investors get to know what are you selling? Hence, in this article we are going to uncover the main methods of promoting your commercial real estate property and make it visible to everyone.

Set the main channels for your ad

It this case you have various options to choose from, and that’s what we like. They vary from the price that you pay, and the possible affect they may cause.

Thus, you can turn to the…

  • Local newspaper and real estate magazines.
  • Online ads on local websites.
  • Billboards ads and TV and radio.

However, before your hit the road and start shouting out loud about your commercial real estate property, make a thorough research about the demographic of financial professionals in some certain areas. Think of your target audience and the market you want to squeeze into.


Now that you have defined your target market, the most essential part is to create the concept of your ad. Google this information and look for the possible solutions among your competitors, or YouTube videos etc.  Look in all eyes when walking along the street, and pay attention on the brightest and out of the box ads you see.

  • Consult your friends and relatives about that issue since they can tell you which type of ads they would prefer to see.
  • Create a targeted Facebook quiz where you may ask everyone’s opinion.
  • Take an active participation on the professional commercial real estate forums, where you may find the useful information.

Various types of mediums request various approaches. For instance, your ad in the local newspaper allows for more words, and requires bold artwork, whereas TV ad is all about how much and impressive you can say to catch the attention within a very limited time.

Commercial real estate ad

Commercial real estate ad


N.B! Double or triple check your ad before publishing it; ask somebody to check it for you in order to make sure everything is perfect and no mistakes were done. Even one tiny mistake can result in a bad reputation.

Define the right schedule for your ad

If you decide to save money on a budget and run your ad once, than get ready to fail, because it will not be effective. It will all depend on the real estate market where you live, and you may need to run your ad for at least a month.

Now you are ready to pay

After all of the needed measures are done, you need to contact the media outlet you are working with in order to take care of any unexpected or last minute issues to make your commercial real estate ad running. Don’t hesitate to ask all of the necessary questions that may bother you, concerning the placement, frequency, sections etc.


 Money saving tip of the day

If you have a very limited budget, there are several things you can actually do to low down your expenses at the minimum point. What you can do is creating a promotional item for your ad. You can try networking with other business in your local community. This way you can divide the cost of the promoting materials, and obtain an exposure for your real estate ad. Remember, the more advertisers will participate, the better.

Outline the most important key factors for your commercial real estate ad and promote your business and career. Don’t delay, because every minute you wait, the competitors are already taking away your clients!

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