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8 Rules of Online Real Estate Leads

All successful real estate agents and realtors promote their business through the web in order to find new opportunities and widen their client list.  Thanks to cutting edge technologies, real estate agents have the chance to build stable relationships with potential buyers by means of various devices, allowing them to work even from home. Before buying real estate, people spend timeresearching online hopin ...

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Bill Gates’ Success As a Real Estate Motivation

As the co-founder and chairman of the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is the driving force behind an organization which has been considered as ‚ÄúThe Most Innovative Company Operating in the U.S‚ÄĚ (Forbes Magazine, 1993).¬† Microsoft¬† has introduced several revolutionary advancements in the world of computers that made the company the 1st truly leading player among perso ...

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Recreation Centers and their Profitability

Municipal recreational centers are places of civic pride and their popularity is tremendous.  A well run recreation center is especially useful in tackling openings in available resources for community members. Since such centers are usually local and deal with local needs, their search for funding in order to boost profitability should start at the local level. Therefore, how can a recreation center offer ...

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Commerical Real Estate in Silicon Valley

Technology seems to be winning the race once again in Silicon Valley, California. From tiny start-ups to monsters like Google, technological firms are once again rushing to get bigger, triggering a u-turn in the Silicon Valley commercial real estate market that seemed all but dead not too long ago. The sum of unavailable office space grew by three-million square feet just a few years ago; the largest one-ye ...

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