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Eco-Friendly Real Estate

More and more real estate investors are realizing the social and environmental issues that impact the value of real estate property, culminating in a mounting interest in sustainable buildings. Increasingly, real estate companies are providing clients with the assurance that those sustainability factors are taken into consideration. In addition, investors can discerningly invest in eco-friendly real estate ...

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2014 – What Should the Real Estate Market Expect?

The global real estate remains an attractive investment sector. While yields from the sector have reduced due to the recent economic crisis, lenders are increasingly returning to provide financing for investors in the real estate market. This has resulted into a higher demand and a rise in transaction volume. While the sector continues to improve fast in Mexico and Brazil, the market is improving at a slowe ...

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Exotic Countries that Are Hot for the Real Estate Investment

Whether off the coast of Costa Rica or Morocco, there are a number of exotic and unique investment properties today that people are swarming to purchase. Even when the markets seem a bit unsteady, clever investors jump right in and purchase this prime real estate. For exotic real estate, whether a vacation homes or foreign investment, the most remarkable thing about these properties is the distinct accrual ...

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Co-working Opportunities For The Real Estate Business

No matter the state of the economy, the world of commercial real estate is always performing in one way or the other. Here is a list of 10 co-working opportunities for the real estate business that you need to check out. 1. Officio The image is the courtesy of Officio is a co-working space and a boutique shared office situated in the heart of the vibrant and remarkable Back Bay neighborhood in ...

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Succeeding In Real Estate Through Smart Gadgets And Apps

As the technology continues to evolve people are continuing to ask, are real estate agents something of the past? According to statistics and research by the National Association of Realtors, real estate agents may be history. The number of these real estate agents has dropped with more than 26% in a period of less than 5 years. Over the previous 2 decades, NAR has spent over $90 million in political contri ...

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What Interior / Exterior Design of Commercial Real Estate Do Wealthy People Prefer?

It has long been demonstrated that quality design increases a property's value. The more unique the design, the more valuable it is on the market. Case in point: When Boston developers commissioned architects to create uniquely designed multifamily complexes, the results were quite unexpected. Aside from an increase in price premium, developers enjoyed reduced approval time as well as faster absorption rate ...

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The Best Los Angeles Areas for Purchasing Houses

 In this article we are going to discuss the prosperous city that attracts investors from all over the world - Los Angeles. Those who want to find a luxury house and feel comfortable within the area are definitely going with LA, and there is a number of factors that favor this option. The LA list of positive sides can be endless, that's why we have decided to mention the most popular areas in Los Angeles to ...

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The Most Influential Commercial Real Estate Events

Those who want to stay updated with latest real estate information need to understand the importance of real estate conferences. During such events you can obtain relevant real estate news and tendencies that are going in the real estate market. We offer you to check on the most significant real estate event of this year and find the information that would be useful exactly for your interests. 11th Annual C ...

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What Types of Retail Real Estate Assets are in Demand?

There are seismic changes taking place in the realm of commercial real estate. Although individual opinions vary greatly as to how extensive these changes are, no one can debate the fact that the industry is undergoing a significant paradigm shift. General Information Although the entire commercial real estate sector has experienced a decent bounceback from its dismal performance during the depths of the Gr ...

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